Santiago Ciclista

The project offers the visualization, until then non existent, of the current cycling infrastructure of Santiago de Chile, an extensive and complex city with more than 7 million inhabitants, in town and its surrounding nature. The map classifies the different bicycle paths, showing also the mountain bike, downhill and trekking trails of the Santiago valley. It recommends streets to ride the bike and efficiently to connect between the city and its diverse hills and communes.

It shows the best connections to the subway network, bike repairs and public bike parking. The map includes a grid that helps to calculate distances and times of different routes.

The project promotes the bicycle as a means of transportation and also for leisure. Today it takes on added importance because of transport health considerations due to the pandemic. It encourages the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation and stimulates the building and development of higher standard bicycle paths and infrastructure for the city of Santiago and its different districts.

Information was collected, and the project’s cartography and image were designed, as well as computer graphics of the geography of the Santiago Valley, in addition to the development of good cycling behavior campaigns on streets and in nature.

1000 copies of a 5-ink poster were printed in the first edition, using metallic inks to highlight the urban area and its geography.

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Year: 2021

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