Woodstaco 2019

Woodstaco is an independent, non-profit music festival that seeks to promote new musical talent from all over Chile. The 11th version of the festival was held for the first time in the location of San Manuel, Parral, Maule Region, Chile.

I was entrusted with the orientation and information system of the festival at this new location. The design had to keep the trasher and rock style of previous years, and at the same time be a breakthrough in terms of clear orientation and coherence between the sign system and the nature of the rural area.

Four towers were designed and built at the entrances to the main stages, demarcating different environments within the festival. All signs were produced and painted by hand, developing backgrounds of degraded fluorine and deformed typographies that gave the festival its own identity. Directional signs and pictograms were designed to spot different zones and basic services.

An illustrated map was designed a printed in monotone, as well as a line up of the activities on the 3 days of the festival.

Year: 2019

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