Elqui Pedaleable

Pedalable Elqui is a project that endeavours to rescue the old abandoned train tracks that until 1971 connected the coastal city of La Serena with the mountain village of Rivadavia in the Elqui River Valley, Coquimbo Region, Chile, to convert it into a greenway of 90 kms. Once implemented, this strip will generate an attractive route for cyclists, mountaineers and visitors, thus contributing to the Elqui Valley tourism.

This pilot project aimed to develop a feasible and cost effective proposal that would also contribute to rescue the heritage of the old train stations, tunnels and bridges.

The identity and the means of diffusion of the project were conceived in this stage. A map and signage prototypes were created for activities with the local community, including an orientation system with pictograms and information panels. Rest areas and route planning were also designed.

This project was funded by the Coquimbo Region’s Tourism Agency in collaboration with the organization Pedalable. The photomontages were made by Alessandra Dal Mos.

Year: 2016