This project consisted in generating an orientation system so that visitors and tourists could safely walk the trails in the Buenaventura Lodge, located in the Amazon jungle, on the banks of the Tambopata River, Madre de Dios Region, Peru.

A simple, durable, easy to assemble and disassemble signage was created that integrates into the landscape as «Landart» rather than as signage, directly linked to the Shipibo art of the local indigenous people and their craftsmanship.

The pictograms of the tourist landmarks encourage visitors to become acquainted with the wild and virgin nature of the place and at the same time get to know samples of local art from this territory.

Paths that lead to the main natural landmarks of the territory were traced. A map was designed, as well as the image of the hostel, the pictograms of the tourist landmarks, and a brochure with relevant information about the territory of the Buenaventura Hostel.

This was the thesis project to get my degree as a designer.

Year: 2014